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7 Excellent Reasons to use a Blog for Your Business Website

Over the last decade we have seen the emergence of blogging software such as Typepad, WordPress, Blogger and Drupal (to name a few).  With the advent of blogging software, we have seen websites move from static to a more dynamic, user-interactive state.  Here are 7 of my favorite reasons to use a blog for your business website:

1)    DIY (Do It Yourself).  As a business owner, you and your staff can modify text and graphics without involving your web developer.

2)    Fresh Content.  Articles and images can be added by multiple users in your company to provide fresh content for the site.  Search engines love fresh content.  In addition, fresh content lets your users know you have not abandoned your website.

3)    Branding and Customization.  Blogs can be customized to reflect company branding and can be developed to look as traditional as a traditional website.

4)    Search Engine Optimization.  Blogging platforms are designed to optimize in search engine results. 

5)    Open source development.  Plug-ins and extensions.  Large community of open-source developers creating features for your site.  Many of these are easy to install, customize and use on your site.

6)    User Engagement.  A blog lends itself to more user engagement.  Internet surfers of today are expecting more interaction with the sites they visit than ever before.  In the “old days”, a user would visit a site and expect to see a brochure site where they could read about the company mission, see a few photos of the business and possibly get directions.  Today, however, users want interaction.  They want to participate in a poll or giveaway, comment on your articles, rate your products, sign up and engage. 

7)    Social Media.  Simple to add Twitter widgets, Facebook fan page widgets and a medium for your users to share your site via their favorite social media outlet. 

Do you use a blog for your business site?  If so, what are your favorite reasons to use a blog platform?   If not, tell us why.


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