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8 Recommendations When Selecting a Domain Name

For those who are new to domain name selection, you can visit to check the availability and ownership status of your preferred domain name. You can try this domain name selection tool at which gives you ideas for a domain name for your business.

Most of us can put a business name to “Have it your way”, “Where’s the Beef?”,, “My Bologna has a first name”, “Good to the Last Drop”, “Head On”, “Five. Five Dollar Footlongs”, etc. Just like a well written (and sometimes very annoying) jingle or catch phrase, a domain name should be extremely easy to recall. Keeping this priority in mind, here are some things to consider when selecting a domain name for your business.

    Keep the name relatively short

  1.  The domain name must be typed out and not all of us are rapid fire typists. is too lengthy and somewhat irritating to type in, as opposed to In addition, longer names are more difficult to recall. A one word domain name is ideal.
  2. Do not use names that are difficult to spell

  3. I have one of “those” last names. I would never use my last name as part of my business name or for an email address for that matter. Who would remember how to spell
  4. Stay with a dot com address

  5. There are several options when it comes to web domain extensions. Your business can have a .com address, a .net address, a .biz address, a .info address, a .org address, etc. However, the large majority of people will not remember which dot “what” is on the end of your domain name. Although many businesses settle with .net or .biz in order to secure the domain name of their liking, I recommend sticking with .com, unless your business is a non-profit organization, then it is appropriate to consider .org. Most internet users will try .com first. You wouldn’t want your potential customer to end up on your competitor’s website.
  6. Do not hyphenate your domain name

  7. Do not hyphenate your domain name. Again, most people will not remember to insert the hyphen (or dash) or will not insert it in the appropriate place. Remember, domain names are not case sensitive and can include only letters, numbers and hyphens.
  8. Use complete words with the correct spelling

  9. If the domain name for my business was www.laughingkatstudios .com, most people would mistakenly type in “cat” rather than “kat” when typing in the URL address. Or if your business name was Mountain River Coffee and you abbreviated “Mountain”, many would not know how to abbreviate correctly. or or
  10. Use complete words rather than acronyms

  11. Yes, is not nearly as lengthy as However, lcs does not give my business the name recognition it needs. People may not remember whether the site name was or I may have a different view if my company name was IBM.
  12. Purchase other versions of your domain name

  13. If you are lucky enough to find the perfect domain name dot com for your business, purchase the dot net version as well. If you are unorganized and may not remember to renew your domain name annually, then purchase the domain name for several years in advance.
  14. Consider buying your ideal domain name

  15. Finally, if you are set on a particular domain name and someone else owns that domain name, you may be able to purchase the domain name from them. Buying and selling domain names has become big business. The following video is the first in a series of videos on buying and selling domain names:

March 30, 2009   2 Comments