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Selling on Amazon

When considering setting up an online store, one possibility to research is setting up services with well established sites with large current customer bases in order to increase visibility and establish trust with your customers.  Amazon has 81 million active customers.  Here are some of the details on setting up a site with Amazon.

Amazon charges $39.99 per month plus an 8% – 20% per transaction fee.  These charges include:

  • Website set up
  • Pay-per-click marketing fees that a retailer will incur in order to promote and drive traffic to an individual retail site
  • Commissions to referral partners
  • Credit Card Processing Fees

There is an application approval process with Amazon.  There are some restricted (closed) categories such as apparel, gourmet, jewelry, watches, beauty and personal computers.   Amazon currently has numerous retailers in these categories and therefore, as a rule, will not accept additional retailers in these areas. 

If you would like to view the complete video detailing this information, click the link below.

Selling on Amazon Best Practices – Worldwide Brands and Amazon Services

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Welcome to Laughing Cat Studios!

Welcome to Laughing Cat Studios! We are enjoying this venture of designing and developing websites for small businesses in the Birmingham Alabama area. In addition, we are willing to work with small businesses across the United States, providing they will work with us by telephone, internet, email and fax. When we contract with your small business, we view the deal as becoming part of your team. We guarantee client satisfaction 100% of the time.

Laughing Cat Studios offers domain name registration, website design, website development, website hosting, search engine optimization, and monthly website maintenance to ensure your site remains fresh.

If you own a small business and would like to sell your products online, Laughing Cat Studios will partner with your company to make it as pain-free and affordable as possible. Depending on inventory turnover, we will develop a schedule to periodically add new inventory to your website ensuring your current products are always available online.

We look forward to joining you on your business journey. Thanks for stopping by!

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