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Google Website Ranking Explained

The following is a link to Google’s explanation of the technology they use to rank websites.  In a nutshell, Google uses a patented PageRank algorithm (which consists of more than 500 million variables and 2 billion terms) to examine the link structure of the website.  Then they conduct hypertext-matching analysis (which examines the entire content of a page) to determine your website’s ranking of relevance and reliability for the internet search user. 

Laughing Cat Studios conducts keyword research and evaluation prior to the development of your website to aid in the best possible ranking with Google and other internet search engines.

Corporate Information – Technology Overview

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Bing – A New Internet Search Engine Unveiled


In an attempt to reclaim some of the ground that it has lost to Google, Microsoft unveiled Bing, a new Internet search engine, last week.

The Times – Microsoft unveils its challenger to Google — Bing

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